Landscape NFT

Landscape NFT will be a low supply, upgradeable, gamified NFT combined with $ARTE and ArtPunks burning mechanism and Play2Earn minigame. By painting new elements in Landscapes and sending masterpieces to exhibitions, you will be able to earn large amounts of $ARTE, items that will help you improve Landscapes and ArtPunks, as well as fame points through which you will compete with other holders.


In Landscape NFT you will play the role of the owner of a painting (NFT), who will be able to improve (add and change elements on it) and send it to exhibitions in various galleries and museums. The more unique your painting will be, the better exhibitions you will be able to send it, from which it will provide you better rewards ($ARTE, ArtPunks Paint Palletes, fractionalized art parts). The painting enhancement process will require an investment (burning $ARTE), and your chances of creating a masterpiece will also depend on what painters (ArtPunks) you have.

Landscape NFT

Landscape NFT will be a browser minigame combined with play2earn, but not in the form that most of the crypto projects use. Our goal will be to create an interesting, slightly tactical game, which, however, will not require the Landscape NFT holders to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Landscape NFT will allow you to earn passive income from exhibitions in the form of $ARTE and valuable NFT - ArtPunks Paint Palletes, Painting Brushes, Fractionalized art parts. How quickly your Landscape NFT develops will depend on your tactics, $ARTE investment, and the ArtPunks you hold. You will also compete with others by earning fame points. All $ARTE used to improve Landscape NFTs will be burned, lowering its supply, and increasing its value.


Price: TBA (mint only for $ARTE - all $ARTE burned)
Supply: 500 NFTs
Date: June 2022
People who have several ArtPunks staked until June will earn enough $ARTE during this time to mint Landscape NFT without additional investments.

Upgrades System

The NFT that the holder gets from the mint will only contain 0 to 3 attributes. The next attributes will have to be painted by burning $ARTE (the more attributes, the more $ARTE holder will have to burn). Holder will be able to choose which attribute he wants to add, but he will have to follow the upgrades tree (graphic below). It will take time to paint each new attribute, the more attributes the longer. As in normal NFT, the attribute traits will have a different rarity. If the holder wants to increase the chances of getting a rare attribute, he will have to hold rare ArtPunks (high rank, zombies, apes, aliens). Holder will also be able to improve painted attributes (replace them with rarer ones), for an additional fee of $ARTE. It will be an interesting and exciting system.
The more and rarer attributes Landscape NFT will have, the better exhibitions it will be possible to send it.
Prototype of upgrades tree

Activation Process

To be able to start sending your Landscape NFT to exhibitions and start earning money from it, you will need to activate it. By activation, we mean the process of transferring the style from one of the ArtPunks you hold to Landscape NFT. Since we do not want to increase the supply of NFTs in our collections (it would decrease their values), activation will require burning the ArtPunk used. Thanks to this, the amount of NFT in both collections after activating all Landscape NFTs will be still 10,000. Activated Landscape NFTs will be able to be sent to exhibitions and will be able to earn $ARTE and other NFTs, bringing more profits than staking ArtPunks.
Process of Activation of the Landscape NFT (prototype graphics, sample 1)
Process of Activation of the Landscape NFT (prototype graphics, sample 2)

Exhibitions (Utility)

Activated Landscape NFT will be eligible for in-game exhibitions. From each of the exhibitions, NFT will be able to bring $ARTE tokens and several types of other prizes (see below). The rarer Landscapes NFTs will be able to send to better museums and galleries. Museums will vary in the amount of $ARTE paid and the odds of getting each additional reward. From each exhibition, the holder will receive fame points, through which he will compete with other holders.
Awards that Landscape NFT will be able to receive from the exhibition:
  • $ARTE (more than ArtPunks will earn from staking)
  • ArtPunks Paint Palletes
  • Painting Brush - NFT that will allow the holder to free Landscape NFT upgrade/fix.
  • Fame points - through them, holders will be able to compete with each other in the online ranking.
  • Fractionalized Art Parts
The chances of getting individual prizes from the exhibition will depend on the museum/gallery in which the exhibition will be located. Holders will be able to choose if they want to send Landscape NFT to exhibitions where they have a better chance of getting ArtPunks Paint Palletes or Fractionalized Art Parts, or if they prefer to send them to exhibitions that will produce a lot of $ARTE. The exhibition time will last from a few days to several months - the holder will be able to choose for how long he wants to send the Landscape NFT. For the duration of the exhibition Landscape NFT will be locked.


Landscape NFT will be a gamified NFT with a very small supply and can be minted for $ARTE tokens, it will burn a large number of tokens and increase the value of $ARTE. Through the exhibition system, Landscapes will provide holders a passive income. We recommend you to stake your ArtPunks and hold your $ARTE for Landscape NFT mint!
*All graphics and information on this page are only prototypes!