ArtPunks Paint Palette

Unrevealed Paint Palette
ArtPunks Paint Pallete will be a special NFT thanks to which, the holder will be able to change the style of their ArtPunk, which will make it even more unique. The rank of your modified ArtPunk will remain unchanged. However, your ArtPunk will receive the special attribute, "Enhanced". As a result, your ArtPunk will have an additional feature that distinguishes it from the entire collection, which will easily translate into its uniqueness and could increase its price/value.
Paint Palettes will have a very low supply and will be obtainable in a few ways:
  • Lottery
  • Auctions for $ARTE
  • Elite Giveaway for ArtPunk owners
This way, holders will be able to get 100 Paint Palettes related to 25 unique styles.
After Landscapes NFT mint, holders will be able to get ArtPunks Paint Palettes by sending their Landscape NFT to exhibition:
ArtPunks Paint Palettes will be tradeable, but we do not specify when we will list them on marketplaces.