Art Fractionalization

Art Fractionalization is our long term goal, the implementation of which will depend on how popular the ArtPunks collection and the $ ARTE token become.
Investments in works of art are the domain of very wealthy people, but the process of fractionalizing works of art could change that. Our idea is to allow holders of $ARTE to buy parts of famous paintings in the form of NFTs. The original artworks would be acquired by our project.
Each NFT created in this way would represent a share in real artwork value. As the owner, you would be entitled to an appropriate share of the profit from the sale of the artwork in question. Each NFT would also serve as governance and authorize you to decide about the future fate of the work.
The idea of Fractionalization - each square would represent one NFT and one share in the original artwork. Of course, it is only a demo graphic, we wouldn't fractionalize Mona Lisa :D and paintings would be fractionalized to more parts/NFTs - probably more than 1000 shares per painting.
However, the creation of such a system is a complicated matter both technologically and legally, and so far it is only in our plans. To do so, $ARTE would need to become a globally known token with a huge market cap.