$ARTE Token:

  • How can I buy more $ARTE?
$ARTE token will be listed on Solana decentralized exchanges (DEX) after launch - One potential DEX will be raydium.io
  • Will I lose out on profit by switching from royalties to staking?
No. After some calculations made by the Team, we have found that holders will benefit on this switch. Implementing the Buyback-and-Burn mechanism will lead to decreasing token supply everyday. We will use royalties for those buys daily. Remember, your staking rewards can be swapped for other crypto assets via the DEX.
  • Where can I learn about the tokenomics of $ARTE?
Everything is explained in our Lite Paper. See section Tokenomics or website infographic.


  • Is there a lock-up period for staking ArtPunks and Achievements?
No. There is no lock-up period for either NFT. Holders can stake/unstake whenever they want.
  • What happens to staking when the token distribution is complete?
Due to our research, full token distribution is scheduled from 8-10 years. Over this time we will have a plan put in place to ensure the continued success of $ARTE
  • Is there a benefit/multiplier for staking more rare ArtPunks?
At this time, all ArtPunk will receive the same staking reward in $ARTE token. We have decided this after much consideration. There will be future benefit to holding more rare ArtPunks, outside of the obvious elevated resale value.
  • In which currency are rewards paid? And do I need to pay any fees when I claim rewards?
All rewards for staked #NFTs (e.g. ArtPunks and Achievements) are paid in $ARTE tokens. There is only the standard Solana transaction fee when claiming rewards.
  • Is it possible to stake/unstake all of my ArtPunks at once instead of doing it one by one?
Yes. To make it easier for our large holders, it will be possible to stake/unstake all NFTs at once on our website.
  • Is there any maximum limit of staked ArtPunks or $ARTE rewards earnings?
No. There are no maximum limits. You can stake however many ArtPunks you want, and earn as much $ARTE as you are eligible to get.


  • Is the new information about Restoration Grade saved in metadata? Can I sell/buy restored ArtPunk?
Yes. Data about Restoration Grade is saved in the metadata. You can look/search for ArtPunks with this attribute. When first restored, ArtPunks will be listed on Magic Eden, where you will be able to filter by this attribute.
  • Why is there a lock-up period for the Restoration Process?
We want to make the process more exciting and difficult. It also increases the value of “Advanced Restoration” - 2 days of lock-up with an 80% success rate, could be more profitable than 1 day with a 20% success rate.
  • Is the Restoration system only for Artpunks, or for Achievements as well?
The Restoration system is available only for ArtPunks.
  • Why is the success rate for the Restoration process only 20/80%, why not 100%?
It is an element of randomness and lottery. This will also contribute to the burning of $ ARTE tokens, which will have a positive effect on their price.
  • If my Artpunk returns unchanged, how many more times can I try Restoration?
You can try the Restoration as many times as needed for a successful upgrade. Nothing will happen to your ArtPunk if it fails.
  • Will the VR Gallery be cross-chain?
The first version of the gallery will be compatible for Solana NFTs. In the future we will consider implementing other chains as well.
  • Can I place my ArtPunks into the VR Gallery?
We are thinking about organizing some competitions where people will be able to win a spot in the gallery and show off their own NFTs. Future ideas include individual holder full galleries and metaverse integration.
  • How many ArtPunks will the Gallery have?
Once fully implemented, the gallery will include all ArtPunks (10,000 NFTs). Multiple rooms will be offered, incorporating different artists, collections and movements.